Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting from Here to There...and 130 Pages

Today I had to write one of "those bits" of the of those bits where there is anger and suspicion and judgment.  It is strange when you take characters you like and pit them against each other.  I feel like I am trapped between warring friends...reluctant to take sides. 

I realized today that I am nearly half way through my first draft!  (Insert applause here.)  I have finally hit the part of the book where things starting happening faster...where things start to take on a life of their own.  I have had to try to keep pace with my brain.  I have had to draw maps, make family trees, create time lines...all in an effort to keep up with momentum I feel building.

This map is neither Here nor There...this is simply an old map I found, but I thought it had character so here it is.

I have contemplated creating a few different pages here...perhaps a character page, or maybe an image of one of the hand-drawn maps I have created (quite unlike the Neither Here-nor-There Map which I randomly inserted above merely for effect)...  I find myself wanting to make the world I am creating as real for those who gather here as it is in my own mind.

The further I get into my book, the more real it becomes.  I realize that I am less than a year away from giving everyone access to this thing that has been rattling around in my head.  This excites me and terrifies me.  But, before I can get carried away in that possibility, I make myself return to reality... 

My reality, right now, is the cool breeze that comes in through the open window and rifles my pages, the smell of hot tea which tends to go cold before I remember to drink it, and the purr of a languid cat who bats at my pencil as it scratches across the page.

Today, I made it to 130 pages.  I hope to write a bit longer before I tuck it all away for the day.  I know there will be more fights ahead, more betrayal, and abandonment.  I know what lies ahead and (to be quite honest) there are parts I am not eager to write...but this is how we get from Here to There.