Snippets and Bits

The following are bits and snippets of quotes and dialogue that can currently be found in my Work in Progress.  This may give you some insight into the plot, the characters, or the state of my mental health (depending who you ask).  These bits may not necessarily make it into my final draft, or they may end up vastly revised by the time all is said and done.  But you read them here first!

"I remember when I first felt Death nearby [...] that was when I first realized--really realized--that he hovered everywhere. That was when I learned that Death did not always come for us cloaked in a dark robe. Sometimes we recognize him in the face of those we know. And sometimes we see him in the mirror.
Death passes close to us on his journeys. Sometimes we glimpse him; sometimes he catches us unaware."

~ Gideon Cadogan

"I went in through the attic.  I didn't stop to think; I just ran.  Once inside, I darted from room to room so fast that the rooms barely had time to fashion themselves around me."
~ Persephone Plumm

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  1. Mine tend to talk at me rather than to me, as if they think I'm just a set of fingers to put the story down...