Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Because You Asked

Since my rewriting is not particularly exciting to blog about repeatedly, I thought I would shake things up and tackle a question that more than a few of you have asked:  Why are you going the e-pub route?

Oh, there are SO many reasons that I decided to take the plunge, so I will set forth some of my reasons, ponderings, and conclusions here:
  1. We are all friends here, so I will be honest about this:  I am impatient.  Seriously impatient.  The idea of querying, and waiting is exhausting.  Also, so many wonderful writers have a PILE of rejections slips.  There are tons of stories of now famous authors who could have wallpapered their living room with their collection of rejection slips.  It did not mean that their writing was bad; it simply meant that the person who read it did not "get" it.  Rather than waiting to find a publisher who "gets" me, I want to get my book directly to my readers. 
  2. Another issue is longevity.  The bottom line is that when a book is out of print, it isn't making the author any money.  And the book just sits some kind of torturous Book Limbo.  However, if I make my book available as an e-book, it is available to readers for as long as it is available to purchase on a blog, a website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc. 
  3. Also, I have control issues.  I want to have a say in my books cover, in the release date, in the price....  Maybe it is a "first book" thing.  Perhaps when I have several books under my belt I won't feel as emotionally invested in the font, or the spacing, or the formatting.  (Ok, maybe I am not quite that obsessive...) 
  4. I will also be blunt.  As an "unknown" writer, there is the potential to make more income from e-books.  (And, believe me, I would love to be able to eventually make enough to write full time, so if e-pub looks like it will get me there quicker, then I am all for it!)  Sure, it takes time to "find" your audience no matter which route you go, but if you have a good book, and you make it available for people to find (creative, no-hassle marketing), then by going a route that allows the writer to retain a greater percentage of their profits, the author has the potential to earn more than he/she might in other forms of publishing.
I want to write.  Bottom line.  And I want to get my books into the hands of readers as quickly as possible.  So, for now, at least, I believe e-books to be the logical choice for me. 

Just so everyone can get a brief overview of the arguments surrounding e-publishing, I am including links to a very concise (if tongue in cheek) list of arguments decribing the problems with TRADITIONAL and ELECTRONIC publishing.  Feel free to add your two cents to the debate!

And, just so no one misunderstands that I really, truly ADORE print books, I thought I would show my idea of Heaven on Earth:

Book Lover's Paradise