Friday, April 27, 2012

Tag Time and a Snippet from "The Disappeared"

I have actually been tagged twice with the 7-7-7 Challenge (thanks Lauren and Jess!), and now that I have more of my book actually typed into the computer, I can finally see what falls on what page.  Therefore, I humbly accept the challenge and offer this snippet from page 77 of my work in progress (tentatively entitled "The Disappeared"):

       “There aren’t many of us left in this valley.  Last winter claimed half of us, and The Unrest claimed a fair bit more.

“The first uprising took Saul's father. They found him strung up in the middle of town. Birds were picking over his remains. The wild animals had already claimed their share from the bottom half. What was left of him swung in the bitter winter wind.

“A few days later, his mother went to town to see if she could get a Widow’s Pension. It’s not much, but it gives you a ration card.  You can get some food at least.  Well, you could if the approved items were in stock.  But they rarely are, what with all the fighting going on...”

Now I admit, I went slightly over the seven sentence limit--but I could not stand leaving in the middle of a bit of dialogue. 

I have been informed that The Rules are as follows:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current MS
  2. Go to line 7
  3. Copy down the next 7 lines as they're written-- no cheating!
  4. Tag 7 other writers
  5. Let them know!

So, the lucky seven four (sorry, I am really bad at following the rules!) who now get to share from their work in progress are...

  1. Jayne
  2. Cat
  3. Nick
  4. Laura
Now, if they follow directions better than I do, at some point they will post their snippets, too!


  1. I love this bit so much. Haunting imagery!

  2. Caroline's desk was old and battered, but neat and tidy, and the gray carpet beneath it looked worn and stained. I hoped for her sake that the entire branch was scheduled for redecorating. The whole place was nearing a level of shabbiness that would make me think twice before doing business there.
    Caroline, herself, was the cheeriest decoration in the office. Her deep red hair was pulled up into a festive twist, and her eyes were nearly as bright green as mine. She wore a deep green business suit over a red silk blouse, and just enough makeup to soften the freckles that covered her nose and cheeks.

    Here's lines 7-13 on page 77 of my current WIP. It's kinda boring, being the description of a bank manager's office. Sorry! Maybe I've got something better on page 88, or 99. Still, this is completely unedited (first draft, you know). :)

  3. Oohh that was really good!! Made me shiver! Great job!