Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Glamorous Life of the Writer...

Just to fill everyone in, I have been busy working on cranking out the last few chapters of the novel...which seems to keep getting "just one more" chapter added to it each week as I delve deeper and deeper into the world I am creating. 

I have also churned out three freelance articles in the past week in an effort to keep up with the steady stream of appliance-break-down (knocking on wood) that seems to be plaguing our home.  (Clearly I owe a huge karmic debt.)  For those keeping tally, we are currently enduring the following: 
  1. Leaky roof
  2. Leaky kitchen faucet (this one is new as of today)
  3. Broken dishwasher
  4. Broken closet door
  5. Broken air conditioner in my van (with 100+ degrees common in the foreseeable future)
I did somehow (I suspect sheer, dumb luck) manage to fix the broken toilet last weekend, and my husband did manage to fix the broken washing machine a couple of weeks ago.  (Hey, I will take whatever small blessings I can get!)

Ah, the glamorous life of the writer...