Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My "To Don't" List

Life is too short to accomplish all the things expected of me. With the day job, three kids (two of whom have been ill since the weekend), seven cats, three blogs, my novel, my freelance work, and a marriage that too often gets shuffled around to make room for other things. There is simply too much on the "To Do" List.

Clearly I need to move some things over to the "To Don't" List.

  1. Neatly Made Beds - I think that this is a "To Don't" no-brainer.  While I admit that I appreciate the comforting smell of fresh linens, and the joy of sliding between freshly laundered sheets neatly turned down and waiting, this does seem to be one of the few housekeeping areas that might be able to slide--at least temporarily.  I am more partial to clean underwear than a made bed.
  2. A Clean Car - wait, my car is never clean, so this won't really buy me any time.  Damn.
  3. A Made-up Face - I wear very little make-up anyway--normally just some powder, a bit of mascara, and a dab of lipgloss first thing in the morning.  I never bother to reapply.  I am not sure if giving this up will garner any "real" time, but I am willing to try. 
  4. Lunch Options - I may need to revert back to my time-saving strategy of taking a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter to my office and calling that lunch for the next month.  This actually saves time and money.  WIN!
  5. Valentine's Day - luckily, hubby has to work Valentine's evening (Sorry, sweetie!  I mean that in the nicest way possible!), so that takes the pressure off both of us to find something "new" and "exciting" to do after 23 Valentine's Days together.  We have mutually agreed to celebrate it at a later date and, since this means that the jacked up prices might be back to normal by then, I am considering this a time and money win as well!
But let's just plan our Heart- Day Meal
for another time...

There has to be more things that I can avoid me out, here!   

What have you given up to make more time for reading, writing, or family?