Friday, February 24, 2012

Dream Launching...and 162 Pages

I normally do not post much later in the week, but this week I have to make an exception.  You see, I received my first blog award for this blog recently. 

Jess, over at Write, Skate, Dream was gracious enough to award me this blog.  You see, this blog is awarded to people who help support you in your pursuit of your dreams.  I am humbled by this award, because I truly believe that writers have a responsibility to encourage other writers.  So, by receiving this, I feel like maybe I am helping to do my part.

I owe a debt of gratitude to so many people who have encouraged me in my writing.  Unfortunately, so many of them do not have blogs, so I can't give them a blog award.  There are a few, though, that do.  Some have been supporting my dreams for years, like my super wonderful friend over at Notes from a Sentient Observer.  When this book is completed, she really will have been mid-wife to it.

I have also received much encouragement from my dear friend over at Eat, Breathe, Drink, Art (a fabulous artist that I dearly hope will be lending her creative hand to my cover art) and, rounding out my list of blogging supporters, there is also Patrick Nelson over at Patrick Nelson Stories (who is a seriously talent writer and who you need to go read as soon as I shut up).

So, to these fine folk, I pass on the much esteemed Dream Launcher Award:

Lovely though this time maybe an award with a big, blue police box???
 So for those of you worthy folk who have seen fit to offer me words of encouragement, who have nagged me to write, who have questioned my characters (and at times my sanity) are appreciated!  Now take a minute and pass this on to others who have helped you on your journey!