Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Update on Re-Writes and Author Interviews

It has been a busy week  Since wrote the book long-hand, I have started putting my book onto the computer.  (Which would be a lot more satisfying experience if my space-bar wasn't constantly sticking on this blasted laptop and if I actually had a "J" key.) 

Also, I had my very first "Author Interview" this week, which was exciting and encouraging and made me feel a bit like a fraud.  (I am not sure exactly what it will take to make me feel like a legitimate author.)

I also worked on the blurb for my book, which I tell you mainly for the opportunity to use the word "blurb." 

I am also doing some beta reading for an incredibly talented young author whose writing is so intriguing and whose dialogue is so realistic that it passes the "Envy Test."  I had a creative writing teacher back in college that told us that the true test of good writing was when you read something and immediately wished that you had written it.  This young lady passes the "Envy Test!"

I have also been humbled this week by continuing to come into contact with new writers (or at least "new to me" writers) that are encouraging and supportive and who have been gracious enough open me into the fold with open arms.

Finally, I will leave you with another image related to my story, partly because, as a reader, I always liked getting clues and tidbits.