Thursday, March 22, 2012

Writer at Rest. Writer at Unrest.

As I go through the process of typing everything into the computer, I find that the second book in the series is shouting at me.  I will be happily tapping on the keys and my inner-writer screams:

Oh my gosh, Gideon is XXXXXXXXXXX!!* 

And then I will stop, my eyes glassy and my mouth agape in horror.  Of course he is! I think, I must make a note of that!  So I stop and make a note, then (being on a roll and all) I add that to my timeline.  Then a snippet of conversation seeps into my brain, and I have to jot that down as well.  Then, I glance up and realize that I have spent half an hour on the second book, when I really need to be finishing up this first book!


But, in my defense, it can be very difficult to focus when your characters scream in your head.  In fact, they have been keeping me up at night.  Between late night typing and revelations as midnight, I think I am getting a bit twitchy!  I call this phenomenon "Writer at Unrest."

It is all I can do to buckle down and type, type, type so that I can get this finished.  (I even had one moment when I contemplated having my daughter type it in for me (which would be fine, but she is only nine so I am not sure that is one of my better ideas).

I have decided that I definitely do need to invest in an inexpensive laptop for writing purposes.  Something I can keep with me at all times in case inspiration strikes without feeling like I am depriving someone else of the computer.  I think I will try the next book on the computer (complete with time lines and character pages!).  Please feel free to remind me of this when I ultimately fail to do any of these things.  Someone should keep me accountable.

In the meantime, I will continue with scrawling things on paper and typing them up.  It has served me well so far.  Besides, I have such wonderful company on my journey....

I call this photo "Writer at Rest"
My daughter is busy working on her book, and I could not be more proud!  No matter what happens, at least I am teaching her to follow her dreams.  That has to count for something!

When she is not writing, she is busy nagging me to let her get a Pinterest account.  (I don't have a photo of said nagging, sorry!)  I do have to admit that I am developing a bit of a fascination with Pinterest.  It gives me a lovely spot to house the writing quotes that I come across, and it also lets me keep track of photos that are inspiring my writing.  (If you are so inclined, you can click that nice little "Follow me on Pinterest" button that I added today and check out my boards to see what has been rattling around in my mind lately.)

And, one final reminder:

The countdown continues for the World Book Night (April 23rd).  The book that I will be handing out is (drum roll please) The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brien.  I have not read it yet, and (as you may recall) I will be giving the book away here.  [More on that will be announced soon!] 

*  All spoilers have been redacted to preserve the creative integrity of the final work (plus, I just like messin' with you!).


  1. Inspiring the next generation of writers? Congratulations.

    Let the characters scream at you and then make notes. It'll make writing the second book far easier than the first.

  2. How wonderful that your muse is bombarding you with ideas. Better than the alternative. :-)

    On my way to check out your Pinterest boards.

  3. That really makes me wonder about Gideon, even though I haven't met him yet! I'm so excited to read it!

  4. Okay, you are 2-for-2 on blog posts that jump out at me. (And yes, I know, I'm working backwards...) I can understand the ordeal of writing one book and the ideas from the next book coming at you from nowhere... keep those ideas flowing!

    This post gets me because of the interest in Pinterest (see what I did there? Anyways....) I have become "addicted" to Pinterest within the last couple weeks--every since I got my iPhone. It's a great place to keep those ideas, inspirations, and collections.