Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sidetracked for a Minute...

I got side tracked this weekend.  I meant to spend huge chunks of time working on getting the first draft typed into the computer and cleaning things up and fleshing things out.  But instead, I got totally sidetracked by the NPR Three Minute Fiction contest.  The concept is simple: Write a story of 600 words or less using their prompt.  If it wins, you get  interviewed on NPR and your story is read on the air!  
Stolen from NPR, but it is to promote their stuff so hopefully no one will sue.
 Three Minute Fiction has developed a huge community on Facebook that is incredibly supportive and encouraging of writers.  We all root for one another in our projects and our lives, and it has been are really amazing experience to learn from them all.

I hope that some of you decide to enter this round and join in on the experience.  Once the contest if over, a lot of us take turns sharing our stories and giving feedback (we don't  post them before the contest is over though...we don't want to risk elimination for "publishing" it).

And yes, I realize that, tactically speaking, I am ratcheting up the odds of NOT winning by sharing this with more potential competition, but I strongly believe that writers should support writers.  After all, we are all trying to do the same create the best story we can.